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Online Health Support Training (Infection Control, Assist with Medication & Basic Continence Support)


Online training and face-to-face practical assessment in:
  • Assist with Medication
  • Basic Continence Support
  • Infection Control


Enrol in the online training module and book your competency assessment appointment here.

Online training

This course covers the following modules:

Assist with Medication
  • Duty of care
  • Checking the 8 Rights and all additional information
  • Adverse events and what to do
  • Video demonstration of administration of oral medications, ear and eye drops, topical and inhaled medications
  • Online quizzes
  • Face-to-face practical assessment.
Basic Continence Support
  • Bowel support:
    • How to promote a healthy bowel
    • Provide bowel support
    • Administration of a suppository and micro-enema
    • When to seek medical advice
    • Documentation
    • Face-to-face practical assessment.
  • Urinary support
    • Provide urinary incontinence support
    • Urethral and suprapubic catheter support
    • Application of a penile sheath
    • When to seek medical advice
Infection Control
  • Types of infections
  • Chain of Infection
  • Modes of transmission
  • Implementing infection control
  • Safe food handling  

Competency Assessment

  • Competency assessment follows online training. This is a practical assessment, where the participant must demonstrate safe checking and administration against a set competency criteria.
  • On enrolment the participant will receive assessment instructions and information
  • Available appointments are listed below.
  • For further information and appointment options, please contact bookings:

Important information

  • On enrolment, a booking confirmation will be emailed to you. This booking confirmation provides you with information on:
    • accessing your training
    • preparing for your assessment and
    • your assessment appointment details
  • It is your responsibility to complete ALL of the online training before attending your practical assessment. The assessment will not proceed otherwise.
  • Please allow adequate time to complete your online training before your assessment appointment. 
  • Competency appointments are for assessment only and do not include training.

Please Note: All training and competency assessments will be undertaken in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines as stipulated by Australian Department of Health.Participants will be asked to complete COVID-19 screening prior to assessment appointment. 

Target Audience

  • Support workers and care workers in community support settings.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will have the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively administer medication in the workplace
  • Participants will have the knowledge and skills to safely provide bowel and urinary support to a client in the workplace
  • Participants will have the knowledge and skills to implement good infection control practices
  • Certificate of Competency in the administration of medication
  • Certificate of Competency in the administration of a rectal suppository and micro-enema
  • Certificate of Completion for online courses

Terms and Conditions

  • One assessment attempt per appointment
  • Competency assessment cannot proceed without 100% completion of online training module
  • Appointment times are 40 minutes. Please ensure you arrive on time.
  • For participants who do not achieve competency, a reassessment appointment will be required.

There will be full charge and/or no refunds issued:

  • For those who do not achieve competency
  • For non-attendance
  • For those attending assessment appointment without 100% completion of online component
  • For the online training course
  • For cancellations within ten (10) calendar days of assessment appointment


Program Benefits

  • Online training allows you to learn at your own pace when and wherever you choose
  • Face-to-face competency assessment certifies that the participant can apply the skills learned in training
  • Assists in building a skilled workforce


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